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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Why did I open my big mouth?

Today has been a long one - Ma was up at 0 dark hundred hours again.

The morning passed quite pleasantly, Ma had toast at about six (sigh) but this did mean she actually asked for bacon and egg at half 12. The weather has been really horrendous today so my plans for a trip out to the dementia cafe this afternoon were well and truly scuppered. Instead I moved things around in my bedroom this morning - moved some things out/some things in, including removing the spare single bed and adding the computer desk from the landing. Then reserved some new bedside lamps on the Argos website and when Sheila from next door popped round to see Ma I did a swift 30 minute round trip to collect them.

Everything went to hell in a handbag at approximately 4pm. Lots of crying and accusations started. Then we were back to the 'what would your father think' comments. I hadn't done anything I promise you, Ma had just got herself into a verbal cul-de-sac and then couldn't get out. I had honestly thought that we'd moved on from this behaviour but it appears not.

Naturally when the Enablement ladies arrived she was suddenly all fluffy telling them how much she loved them and trying to offer them money… and they think she’s such a sweet old thing. While the ladies were here I had a phone call from Ed to say that Luana Eve was born at 4.25 weighing 7-14.5, some dark hair but not much… Mum and baby doing well :) Photos will follow as soon as he sends them to me.

The last 24 hours have been such an emotional roller-coaster. It would’ve been nice if she’d arrived on Dad’s birthday, but he already has a grandson to remember that and it’s nice for her to have her own day I think.


Well the girls say I can have a drink if I want one (thanks girls... all those well)

Ok Ma that's fine but you didn't like the wine I gave you last week

I'll have something else then

*pours tiny sherry*

I'll drink it slowly

Good idea!


I don't think I like this. I'm off to bed.

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