My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Gah! I spoke too soon...

We've just had a Mexican standoff.

Ma is off to a Ladies' Club meeting this evening. Mavis rang at 3:00 to check that Ma was planning on going and said that she would be picked up at 6:45

By 3:15 Ma was dressed and waiting by the front door. I tempted her back into the living room at 4:00 with the promise of some programme set in Africa which she likes but every time a car goes by she's up checking if her lift has arrived. No amount of reiteration that her lift is arriving at 6:45 makes one jot of difference.

Any attempt to get her to change her choice of clothing has been met with a brick wall. She's wearing one of those old fashioned winter vests, a black and white lurex and sequin bespangled edge-to-edge jacket and a sage green 'Mother of the bride' style jacket over the top along with maroon velour track suit bottoms. I think she's planning on putting her purple corduroy coat on as well.

It distresses me that she will be open to ridicule (there was talk when she went in her slippers last time) but I can't force her to change if she doesn't want to.

Or talk her out of going.


Just given her some tea.

'That was lovely. I'll give you some money for it later.'


Watching a blackbird collecting the mealworms I chuck in the garden for them. He's got about nine worms stacked in his mouth and can't pick over the leaves with his beak any longer so he's kicking the leaf litter over. Looks very funny indeed :)


  1. This sounds so much like a day here it is uncanny, and also very refreshing to know its not just me :)

  2. Put the tea money in the new handbag fund...