My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Friday, 8 July 2011

That Friday Feeling

Ma was clearly awake early this morning because when I took in her tea and tablets she was sitting up in bed with full make up on. Wearing just a vest and no drawers mind you, but plenty of lippy.

She declared she was making her own breakfast but realised that making her usual porridge (my offer of help was refused) was beyond her so she decided on toasted fruit loaf. The bread went into the toaster, she switched off the plug at the wall and then waited. After a while I suggested she switch the plug on, which she did. After another short while I pushed the toast down for her. When it popped up she buttered an untoasted piece and took that and the toasted bread into the living room to watch Lorraine. I quietly took the butter in too and left it by her plate.

I needed to nip into town to do a few bits and pieces so Mavis, bless her, asked Ma up for coffee while I was out. I finally dragged Ma away at about half two and soon after we got back here she fell asleep in front of the tv and slept until 5.

Am now about to feed her home made cottage pie and fully expect her to reject it.

More later... maybe :)

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