My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Saturday musings

Yesterday was a better day, she's still very confused but was slightly less agitated. Harriet arrives at 3pm so we're taking the tram to the station. Not sure how much Ma will enjoy it though, her boredom threshold is very low and it is a two hour round trip with connections etc. but I can't leave her on her own for so long. Notwithstanding the usual problems she now won't go to the loo without 'asking permission' and if I'm not here she waits until I am.

Ooh the swingy hammock seat has just been delivered so putting that up will keep me busy tomorrow!


Things I must not get annoyed about this week:

Asking when Peter will be back. He left last Saturday and isn't due back until the end of August.

Dumping food covered plates/used teabags/tissues in the washing up water.

Listening to a one-sided continual circular conversation with the dog. Even the dog looks fed up.


H arrived safe and sound despite her forgetting her ticket - long story - and yes, I'm afraid I did cry a bit on the platform when she arrived.

We had to park a little way away from the station in Bury and walk through the market. Ma didn't recognise any of it despite shopping there for the best part of 40 years - these are the most difficult moments to deal with, there's a shameful little part of you that doesn't believe it.

Ma was bored with the journey within 5 minutes of getting on the tram which wasn't a huge surprise. When we got to the station I sat her down and organised a hot chocolate (the drink of choice atm). We only had to wait 10 minutes for H's train so it worked out really well. Home via Comet for a wireless dongle and printer for H's pc then home where I've thrown together a cottage pie at my daughter's request.

As I was doing this Ma had a sudden meltdown with tears and false memories accusing me of all sorts of things then insisted on going round to the neighbours and dragging their daughter back (who is at least 19) in an attempt to force a friendship. H was horribly embarrassed and we all stood in the hall scuffing our feet for a while. Ma also returned with a huge gin and tonic...

Exhausting day in so many ways.

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