My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Well today was fun.

It started ok - usual early start and me telephoning H and G and getting no reply from either so phoned Will to wake them up. Ma overheard the conversation I had with Will about Harriet ('yes I know she's a pain' 'she always ignores me' 'it will be better when she's away for the summer' etc.) and assumed the conversation was about her.

Cue Skipton-like behaviour culminating in a two hour sit in the garden, shivering, but refusing to interact or speak to me. I managed to persuade her inside eventually and made her a cup of tea. Within fifteen minutes she was happily chatting about the dog and her (dog's) impending haircut.

Dropped her off with Mave and Vic at 14:00 and ran away. Literally. Went to have my eyelashes enhanced and very lovely they look too. However to be fair, they had me at 'you will have to lie on a bed and do nothing for two hours'. Fantastic.

It was a lovely afternoon - fab swishy lashes and a relaxing almost meditation - you can't talk or open your eyes when having eyelash enhancement.

The Showaddywaddy 'Under The Moon of Love' earworm was a bit of a bugger though.


  1. OO! Didn't even know you could have eyelashes enhanced - I know, I live a very sheltered life. It sounds fab though and you deserve some pampering and two hours respite.

  2. It's fearsomely expensive to have done Chris and only possible because it's a redundancy treat. I won't be able to afford the high maintenance upkeep unfortunately but love the effect and will enjoy for as long as possible :)

  3. Told you having extensions are good... bet they look amazing.. cant wait to see them at the weekend.. x