My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Monday, 25 July 2011

We can build it

So the swingy seat got built yesterday. It was pretty straightforward to do but, oh my hands now!

Hugely successful though, Ma loves it. Was mildly amused when she thought we would put it away in the garage overnight. Luckily I also bought a posh cover for it so that stopped any fretting.

She had a very up and down day yesterday, quite a lot of weeping but also some laughs.  She gets incredibly frustrated by her diminishing vocabulary and lost words and increasingly by the way she forgets what she's talking about halfway through a sentence.

Only asked me roughly a dozen times when Peter is back from Spain. It feels like an awfully long time until the end of August. I think we'll dig out a calendar and cross the days off, maybe that will help? Any other tips gratefully received.


Boasting proud Mama showing off moment now. Apologies if you've already seen these on my Facebook page.

For those who don't know, my daughter is a very talented artist, she's been drawing from the first moment she could hold a pencil. She is now 15 and uses a graphics pad these days. The following two pictures are something called 'crossover' pictures (apparently - who knew?!) where she's taken characters from the Nintendo game Zelda and drawn them in the style of My Little Pony. Nope I don't know why either, other than because she can and because it makes her laugh... The first is the character Link and his horse Epona, from Ocarina of Time. Here's a picture of them:

And here is H's My Little Pony version:

the second is Lord Ghirahim from the new game not released yet. Here's a picture of him:

And here's H's version. I think this is just brilliant - very clever and very funny.

And another proud Mama moment - G's audition for The Sound of Music was successful, although it is unlikely that they will take him up on his offer to play the Mother Abbess. So instead of being serenaded with Maria every morning it will now be Climb Every Mountain. I can live with that :)


  1. You deserve a proud Mama moment - those pictures are fantastic - does she plan on using her talent to earn her living - I'm sure she'd be very successful. And I think they should certainly take up G's offer of being Mother Abbess - if they don't that's sex discrimination. lol

  2. Oh I think so Chris, she rarely does anything other than draw! I reckon she could fund her way through University selling tattoo art.

    G is just a cheeky so and so. Notwithstanding the sex discrimination issue, I'm not sure the Mother Abbess is 6'1" either!

  3. H is such a fantastic artist

  4. You are all so talented....and proud you should be,they have clearly had a good teacher;0)

  5. Forgotten to add,though have you tried taking mats?they may's worth a try.

  6. Talking!!! not taking (sorry Bee)

  7. Hi Rachel - tell me about talking mats please?