My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It only takes a minute

Getting dressed this morning was relatively straightforward, just getting her top on the right way round and rightside-out proved a little tricky. I left Ma brushing her hair and went to do her porridge and coffee. Approximately two minutes and 30 seconds. It's amazing how far body lotion goes in that time. She managed to get it in her hair, down her neck and back and all over the front of her top. No amount of urging would persuade her to change her top despite the huge greasy splodges. I understand that this is her way of showing her independence but it's incredibly frustrating. Thankfully (despite the glorious day) she's feeling cold and has put on a fleece.


/rant on

I had a phone call from Ma's new social worker, Barry, this morning. He's calling round this afternoon to introduce himself to Ma and to finalise the paperwork for her referral to the day centre.


She went for a look ages ago and I was given the impression that following the success of the visit the referral was done and we were simply waiting for a vacancy. Not so.

So naturally when I told Ma she has a new social worker and he's sorting her day centre place she has had a complete meltdown and is saying she doesn't want to go.

*watches the yearned for time off disappear into the distance*

/rant off


Waiting for Barry to arrive.

Ma is mutinously stalking around the garden saying she doesn't want to speak to him and she is definitely not going to the day centre and she will tell him to stick it up his... She made a break for freedom a couple of times by sloping off up the side of the house but I headed her off at the pass.

When Barry arrived she was sitting in a deck chair on the back patio. Within minutes they were chatting away like old friends - Barry very cleverly picked up on the Liverpudlian accent (fair coat, furry cakes) and he was in.

However, halfway through his visit she suddenly got up and said she was off next door and left!

Still, she's agreed to go to the day centre and as there is still a wait for a place on the minibus I've said I'm happy to take her there. I'll do anything. Anything. I truly believe that once she gets there she will love it. She's still very sociable and loves to talk to people.

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  1. So glad she succumbed to Barry's charm. You so much deserve a little bit of respite time.