My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Oh boy!

Today started with a bang. Well a 05:30 wake up call asking me to turn the shower on. Told her to go back to bed but gave in at half 6 after listening to her banging about in a sulk.

She is wearing a diamante belt as a necklace and one of those scrubby bath gloves as a sock. Her vocabulary is very poor and she's in a terrible mood.

Lunch was interesting - she insisted on making her own today. So she boiled new potatoes and mushrooms together in the same pan then broke an egg into some boiling water and stirred it vigorously until cooked. I stayed out of the way but made sure she didn't leave the gas on etc. Oh I lie, I did get involved at one point when I stopped her putting a whole egg in the microwave. I can honestly say that that was not the most appetising plate of food I've ever seen but as she appeared to be making a point, she ate the lot.

I had cheese and tomatoes.


I think I've reached my tolerance limit and a weekend off can't come soon enough. It will involve a lot of driving but I'm heading to Devon on Thursday morning to be with H on her birthday then down to Cornwall on Friday for a big fat party on Saturday - 1 x 30th, 2 x 40th and 1 x 50th (or is it 1 x 40th and 2 x 50th?...) anyway very much looking forward to it. Back on Sunday. Then H is hopping on the train the following Saturday for 6 weeks of fun with her mum. Can't bloody wait.


This evening I'd planned to cook coq au riesling but Ma didn't fancy chicken so I did smoked haddock and mornay sauce which she almost ate.

She's worn 5 different jackets this afternoon, asked me several times when Peter is arriving and we had a very confused conversation where she used the words 'thing' and 'place' a lot. As in 'We went to the place and watched the things and you were there but we didn't let you go and then we went to the other place and did the thing (lots of gesticulation during this whole conversation) and then we left. And that's all about it.'

No clue. But I do try to fathom what she's trying to say - it's very hit and miss though especially as she has so many false memories now.


Early bed for Ma which doesn't bode well for a lie in tomorrow. When I say lie in, anything beyond 6am is good. I'm off to have my eyelashes extended tomorrow and the bloody wonderful Mavis and Vic have offered to have her for afternoon tea. Thank the Lord. Imagine me trying to relax on the chair and Ma free to wander at will through the salon. Breaking into a sweat just thinking about it.


  1. Hmmm - I do hope you're keeping a note of all these creative meals - could be the basis for a new book.

  2. Thanks Tracy - writing it is an attempt to save my sanity! xx

  3. The blog is wonderful, Bee, and makes me hoot with laughter (I try not to read it when there are others in the office as I am getting funny looks...........!)

    You are a total saint.