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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Back in the room

I've had a lovely week away and a fab night last night with the Café girls. Thank you ladies! Don't worry, I'm sure the soot from the fire will wipe off the walls eventually...

Collecting Ma from respite care today and I must admit that I'm quite apprehensive about how it will have affected her. Plus it's very windy and wet here and I can't get the house warm enough which is going to be a big problem if I can't sort it. Ma feels cold even when the house is at tropical temperatures.

A couple of things... I'm going to look at buying some food supplement stuff to try and up Ma's calorific intake, she is eating so little again and I'm getting very worried about it. So if anyone has any suggestions for palatable options please let me know. And I'm thinking of migrating the blog to Wordpress because blogger is a bit pants. Many thanks to Jon for offering to host it on, I'd appreciate any thoughts on this too.

Right. Off to get Ma via Tesco. Update later...


Another shout for my daily photo blog here  Today's pic has gone up.


Well, we're back. She was fine at the home, delighted to see me and chatting away to the staff and she seemed far more content than the last time I collected her when she was waiting by the door in her coat. The staff did comment on how much she has deteriorated since her last visit and suggested enquiring about 'rolling respite', funnily enough something the girls mentioned last night. So I've started the ball rolling on that one.

While we waitied for her suitcase we sat and chatted in the foyer. Ma asked me four or five times where Peter was and did I know what Beverley was doing. It's interesting though, as we were driving home she could read road signs and bus destinations so clearly some of her cognitive skills are still there. I wonder if some go more quickly than others as a rule or if it is enirely down to the individual.

She didn't recognise the house and was most impressed with her bedroom but has spent the last hour carrying a bundled up blanket, trying to get out of the front door and crying quite a lot. So pretty much back to normal then. I have managed to get her to drink a cup of tea and eat a small cake so I hope this means she will eat something for her tea too.

Possibly another update later. We shall see...

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  1. Thankyou Bee,had a wonderful time last night and enjoyed the good giggle.Glad you could let your hair down too.Take Care.xx