My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wayhey Wednesday!

*time-steps into the room in tap shoes*

[sings] Good Morning! Good Morning! We slept the whole night through! Good morning, good morning to you!

It's new day centre day today. We are sitting here waiting for the bus to arrive, paperwork all completed, breakfast almost tried, showered and compliant. I really really hope she enjoys it. The list of activities is very impressive and the menu appeals to someone (me) who loved school dinners.

Obviously my chirpy mood has nothing to do with the fact that I have a few hours off.

*coughs shiftily*

Once Ma has gone I will be getting out asap. Playing with shops is SO last year darling - I will be out and about with my lovely little camera looking for things to photograph. The only way I'm going to improve is to keep trying - although it might help if I could find more function buttons than just the macro one...

Then this evening I am going to Zumba. Those who know me in real life will be cranking their jaws off the floor at this point. I know my joints are painfully rubbish and this is likely to leave me somewhat broken but it's a chance to get out after dark and have some fun*. I do realise that a proper class will be slightly different to me shuffling around in front of my Zumba dvd (aka watching the hard bits and quaffing Sauv B), but it's got to be done.

So today's blog is likely to be a bit fractured with regular short updates, so check back regularly if you want to know what happens.

*clearly I use this word with complete irony while laughing hysterically


The bus arrived at 10:35 which was just late enough to have me a little agitated. The escort lady came in to collect Ma and was given a huge hug and a kiss (from Ma, not me. I'm not that grateful) which she took in her stride and then Ma went off without a backward glance. I did hear her ask where she was going as went out of the door mind you.

Phase one with camera went ok but I'm not happy with the result of the shot I specifically went out to take. The light isn't great today so I will have to go back another day and try again. Am now hopping from foot to foot because I don't know what to photograph.

The coconut oil has arrived so maybe Ma will be getting porridge with extras for tea instead of her sandwiches from the day centre.


A Curate's Egg of a day. Photos weren't great, got soaked taking Lily around the park but had a nice snooze this afternoon. Getting ready for Zumba, which appears to consist of panic-taking tramadol for preventative measures.

Ma came back from the day centre in a bit of a snit. The escort ladies on the bus said that everyone had made a big fuss of her but she wouldn't acknowledge that to me. She chucked her ham sandwich on the floor and refused to eat anything else. She's just gone to bed after a frustrating 20 minutes trying to get her undressed and into her pyjamas. I think she's just tired and I hope she'll sleep for Betsy who is coming over to Ma-sit for me.

If I can still speak/move/whimper I'll let you know how it went.


Today's blip was a bit of a panic because nothing I took was really outstanding, so I did the old fall-back of the dog in her wizard hat. Again. Hopefully tomorrow will bring something better. But at least I've found the other functions on the camera.



We shall draw a veil over Zumba. I have agreed to go on Sunday morning though providing I can find a Ma-sitter.


  1. What sort of camera do you have Bee? With a bit of luck the manual will be on the web so someone will be able to tell you where to find the other options.

  2. It was a hard workout for our first 2 weeks.
    zumba dvd