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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ho Hum

Ok time to 'fess up. Zumba wasn't on last night. J and I tripped up the road in trainers and leggings to a firmly locked school door. So I popped back to hers for a cuppa before heading home to relieve Betsy. But I have agreed to go on Sunday morning Ma-sitter permitting.

Betsy didn't hear a peep out of Ma last night, which was great. She saved it all for when I got home instead and didn't settle until well after midnight. Then kicked off just before 6 this morning. So maybe our halcyon days of the 12 hour sleep are over.

Today she has been very restless, trying the door every couple of minutes and no amount of saying that we are staying at home today makes a jot of difference, but when I offer to take her out it is rejected. The excitement of yesterday has clearly stirred her up. As I type she's going through a cycle of standing up, looking towards the door, searching her pockets, trying the door (or banging on the window) then sitting down and sobbing into her hands. Then catches sight of something on the TV and is distracted for two minutes until she decides she wants to go and see Lewis/Hairy Bikers/Rick Stein and off we go again.

In my judgement she doesn't actually want to go outside but isn't sure what she wants. I tried a bit of music today but she just leaves the room so clearly not at a stage where that would be soothing unfortunately.

One piece of good news though, adding a little bit of sugar to her drinks has definitely make a difference. So far it looks as if she's more likely to drink a whole mug rather than just an inch.

Tomorrow is a busier day with a lady from Manchester Uni coming to interview both of us (that should be interesting) about caring with a capital C. Then I've got an appointment with the respiratory clinic which is relaxed enough to take Ma along. She enjoys a trip to the hospital because she can say hello to lots of strangers in the corridors - odd then that the supermarket doesn't have the same appeal.


Today's Blip


It's 23:43 and she's just got up for the 14th time since 6pm and yes, I have actually counted. You can't help yourself. I hope she sleeps soon. Otherwise it's going to be a very long night.

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