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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thursday Catch-Up

I cant believe it's Thursday already! I've been very lax this week on the blogging front, so... where were we?


So the 'keep Ma awake until a decent bedtime' plan worked quite well in the end. It was nearly 8 before she went to bed and disregarding a couple of attempts to party the night away, she slept through the night.

We were up at a reasonable time, breakfasted, showered and managed a trip to the post office early doors before the Vicar arrived at 10:30. He is a Chaplain to the Sovereign and it putting together a photographic history as a gift to HM for her jubilee - literally a one off publication. He's tracked down photographs of every Chaplain from the reign of King George V onwards and needs someone to help catalogue and input the data on each one *dons Librarian hat*. It sounds dull but is actually quite fascinating and many of the photographs are fabulous! We've got one on a camel, one in a racing car etc. Anyway, we focussed on that for around three hours and Ma dozed on the sofa. Clearly her new medication is having an effect in the mornings.

By 2 o'clock we'd both had enough data crunching and Ma was beginning to stir so Hugh dashed off (that man never strolls anywhere) and I sorted food etc. then eventually we went for a short drive, mainly to get us out of the house in some fresh air for a little while. One of us was very reluctant.

Operation KMA didn't work so well this time. I couldn't keep her upright with eyes open so gave in at 6 and tucked her up. Then again at 6:45, 7:20, 8:30 etc. She did eventually settle at around midnight.

I photographed an iris for my blip. Love the colours.


Day centre day. So off she went at 10:30.

I shopped, snoozed and photographed an egg.

Yes I know it isn't normal but my goodness this photography thing is addictive. Eggs are tricky to do as it turns out but I think I got a reasonable shot in the end. I must learn how to use the photo software stuff though, that way bigger and better insanity lies.

The bus arrived at 17:05, I presented her with her tea which she couldn't work out how to eat (sandwiches, Blue Riband, yoghurt), but I think a lot of it was tiredness because I'd manage to get her to hold the biscuit only to watch her slide sideways with her eyes shut, bless her. So in bed by 17:30 and not a peep until 07:30 this morning.

An egg blip. Here's the best of the other ones I did.


Thursday... Well, we had a good night overall and this morning was slow and fairly quiet. Ma was very sleepy again, even after she had been through the shower and had some breakfast. I shoved a colour on my hair (and waited until it started smoking.... I need to be blonde OK? Just let it go). Then I did some desultory hoovering and waved a cloth around. Barry came this afternoon and we discussed dates for rolling respite and it looks likely that it could start fairly soon. After he left we had a quick out and about in the car.

Did you do any blithery for the stamps?

Shall we get a fly going up?

I think I’d better do it when the port was there don't you?


Came home, phone rang. Awful awful news about my cousin David. If you pray, please do so for him.

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