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Friday, 20 January 2012

Crunchie Required

Another Friday dawns. Sorry I missed yesterday, it was quite a stressy, messy day with Ma on the whole. We went to Slattery's for a 90 minutes chocolate demonstration which was fascinating and then afternoon tea which was delicious. I think the demo was roughly 80 minutes too long for Ma though. She started off well but gradually slipped down in her seat to the point where I was worried she'd end up under the table. I showed absolutely no restraint with the afternoon tea which I think was justified because Ma didn't eat any of it.

When we got home she was very restless and continued to be so for the rest of the evening and into the small hours.

We are off to see the Dementia consultant for a three month review in a minute where I'm hoping to talk to Barry about setting up rolling respite for regular (hopefully monthly) weekends off.

More later.


That was, without doubt, one of the worst mornings I've ever had since coming here. We set off ok and Ma was quiet on the journey into town. When we got to the car park there weren't any blue badge spaces so I had to get a ticket and I told Ma to stay in the car because it was raining quite heavily. Naturally she ignored me and tried to get out while still wearing her seat belt. This started a massive massive mood swing which began with her refusing to get out of the car. By the time we'd walked the 15 yards to the clinic door she was actively fighting to get away from me. Once in the clinic she didn't want to sit next to me, look at a magazine or talk to me. She preferred to hiss and spit and pinch whenever she was prevented from going out of the door/into the (occupied) consulting room etc. The rage on her face was frightening and really upsetting. During the consultation she was clearly very 'off' me but we got through it and in some ways her behaviour helped illustrate how she can be.

The upshot is that we are now on the community round so I won't have to drag her to the clinic any longer they will come to us instead, an increase in one medication and the introduction of another to help quell the hallucinations and therefore hopefully help her to sleep. Also the rolling respite idea has been raised again and I'm seeing Barry about that next week. Essentially it is a week of respite every 5 weeks (I think that's right). Marvellous.

We followed this with a trip to the supermarket. I know I was asking for trouble but we really needed food. I think I could've won Supermarket Sweep. Luckily the local Morries is only small so I could keep an eye on Ma stubbornly standing in the crossing aisle, turning her face away from any food suggestions as I flashed up and down.

Then to the doctor's surgery to drop off the new meds instructions where once again she was unable to stay in the car for two minutes. And finally back home. Where she is now dozing in the chair in front of The King's Speech.

I feel a little wrung out.

Messers P & G may arrive early this evening.


Oops I forgot to link to yesterday's blip

You will be relieved to hear that it's lashing down outside and rather windy so you are saved from yet another droplet photo. It was hard enough yesterday - everytime I found one the ruddy wind blew it away! However, this does mean it's likely to be food. Very close up food.

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