My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Quiet Day

We had a fairly early start this morning (5am) which was solved by offering a cup of tea in bed and allowed me to have a bit more duvet hugging.

Once the day got going she was very quiet and didn't actually leave her bedroom until nearly midday, just sat or lay on the bed sometimes talking, sometimes rocking, sometimes at the window knocking but little or no distress.

She's eaten well today - toast and jam, corned beef crispbake and baked beans, cake, chicken thigh, mash and carrot and turnip. Not huge portions of course, but nearly as much as a toddler would eat. Enormously satisfying for me though. It's 18:30 now and she is ready for bed, I hope she doesn't fall out again. Another night another problem swallowing her tablets, if this continues I will have to ask if I can crush them into something - apple sauce or yoghurt (Angel Delight? Butterscotch only mind you. The one true Angel D)

Recently food and drink tend to go all over the place so today, after two full changes of clothes (one was a whole mug of coffee, the other was just beans/mash/cake/tea) I have ordered a new cup with a spout and a tabard to wear at the table. Hopefully that will help a little with the laundry overload.

Tomorrow is day centre day and an email from Barry today tells me that he's requested a second day for her which will be marvellous and he's also organised a week in respite from next Friday (10th) which is equally marvellous. That takes us to the 18th Feb which is practically Spring.


Very cold here today with a light scattering of snizzle (snow + drizzle = snizzle) so we didn't venture out of the door. Well, I say we. I dashed to the post office to get Betsy's pension for her but that was it. So... no outside opportunities for my photos today. I did this instead :)

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