My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Weekend 14/01/12

Not such a bad night last night - only up three or four times. Then quite a pleasant pottering sort of morning until Ma decided to throw the entire contents of her coffee mug over the patio windows without warning. Gosh it goes a long way.

For some strange reason she's taken to using the zimmer frame again. Admittedly mostly to crash against the front door in an attempt to open it but also to pace up and down the hall. And she's actually using it instead of just carrying it around which is interesting.

We are just off for a drive because she still wants to go out.

More later.


So 300 yards down the road...

Are we going home now?

We didn't. We went to buy me some trainers for Zumba from SportsDirect which was possibly the most difficult shopping experience I've ever had with Ma. She likes to hold my arm when we're out which is understandable as she is very unsteady on her feet, but the spaces between things in that shop are barely one person wide. By the time we got to the lift at the back of the store (ladies stuff upstairs naturally) we were toting half a dozen sundry things on hangers which had hooked themselves on. Possibly in a desperate attempt to flee lycra hell.  Mission accomplished - glory but new trainers are hellishly WHITE - I then bought her a chicken nugget Happy Meal (with a small strawberry milkshake) for a treat. I think I'm still under the influence of the kazoo moment.

She loved the box it came in - some sort of barn I think - and has actually eaten the nuggets, a few chips and all of the milkshake. So I'll count that as a result!

It would appear to be 18:34 on a Saturday night. I think it is definitely wine o'clock once I've herded Ma to bed.

More tomorrow...


Saturday's Blip



A quiet day overall. I went out for a walk with J this morning and Betsy came to Ma-sit. My joints are quite awful at the moment so I made the (sensible) decision to call off Zumba and go for a walk instead. We went up the hill but not up the steep path, just a gentle level walk along Moor Bottom Road. Even that was more than enough, my right ankle is just not very happy atm. I was hoping to get some photos of the Shetland ponies up there but made the schoolboy error of leaving the memory card for my camera in the laptop after doing a few more frosty shots this morning. I was really really annoyed about that.

When I got back Ma was at the door trying to forge through it with her zimmer frame. Betsy did have a slightly wild-eyed look about her...

This afternoon has mostly been spent watching a film. Well, I say watching, more catching a glimpse now and then when Ma decided to stand somewhere other than in front of the tv feeding Nemo chocolates.

We had the usual battle at 5pm over tea (apple sponge and custard) and going to bed which resulted in her going at twenty past. It's now 18:40 and she's been up three times. Doesn't bode well for the rest of the night.


Sunday panic blip


  1. My heart goes out to you Bee, although heartbreaking and tiring just being with her and keeping her out if harms reach shows the dedication of a truly wonderful being. strength to you and your family. keep up the blog x

  2. Thank you Dawn, I really appreciate it xx

  3. Bee, you may have seen or heard of a really helpful/moving letter in the Guardian on Saturday - I think it was in the 'Family' section,.