My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Back on Planet Bizarre

Hello - we're back. I've had a lovely weekend away and got back just before 11.

Ma was pleased to see me but the minute my brother had driven off we were back to normal - she wanted to phone Mavis. Luckily, because I'd spoken to Mavis about this last week, she was expecting to have Ma this afternoon because I was due at the hospital this afternoon. So after Ma put the phone down I only had to put up with 'Are we going now?' for an hour before dropping her off. I wasn't sure if I'd managed to lay to rest her fears for my safety having to drive all of 4 miles to the hospital, because of all the news footage of the horrific crash on the M5, but I did my best.

I went to my appointment and did a bit of emergency shopping and was back at Mavis's exactly one hour later.

I could tell from Mave's face that Ma had been worrying all the time she was there and in fact when we got home there was an answerphone message from her saying (clearly in front of Ma) 'Hello, you are going to think I'm bonkers because I know where you are but your Mum is convinced you will be there so hence the reason for this call...' So pretty much as soon as I arrived back Ma wanted to go home.

It's now 16:55 and I've spent the last 45 mins telling Ma she really can't go to bed yet. She's sitting under the heated throw which is on at full tilt with a bit of a face on her and I'll consider it a victory if we make it to 18:00 but hoping to pull my trump card and offer sticky toffee pudding and custard in about 10 minutes time...

Back to reality with a bang then!


A couple of photos from my weekend:

Early morning November sunshine

New hair cut


  1. Love the hair, it's fabulous xx

  2. Love the cut and colour!!

  3. She probably thought you'd slipped off for another fun weekend without her. :) xx Love the hairdo!

  4. Hair is GORGEOUS!

  5. Wow!!! look at you!!!you look great.Looking forward to catching up on Thursday.xx

  6. Love the new haircut Bee! Been following your blog with interest and I've left you an award on my blog here:

  7. Ooh thank you Alison! Not had an award before. And clearly have no idea what to do with it... Not sure I can think of 7 things *panic face*