My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Permission to say ARRRGGHH!

Last night was fairly short in the end, we were home before half eight but I did buy myself a gorgeous tea caddy - one of the Williamson's Tea elephants - and won one of the flower arrangements from the demonstration in the raffle.

Today has been relatively quiet. The GP came at midday and is happy with the medication Ma is on at the moment. He's investigating a possible (but unlikely) urine infection due to the amount of hallucination but is of the opinion that it is probably a combination of the new drugs and another deterioration in her condition.

We had a trip out to get some Frontline for the dog (she will go chasing the mice in the rockery) and collected the now pristine duvet. This time without any attempt to rip my digits off or exit the car while it was moving.

She's eaten next to nothing today again, but believes that she has so it is really tricky.

We've been doing the 'I want to go to bed paso doble' since just after 4 this afternoon. She asked every three minutes if she could 'go yet' and when I asked her to try and stay up a bit longer she would close her eyes and try to sleep on the sofa. I managed to keep her up until 6:15 and then gave in.

Night mum

Night - what shall I do about this man in my bed?

There's no one in your bed mum look!

Yes I know there isn't *looks at me as if I've come up the Irwell on a bicycle*

Ok then goodnight, God bless, sleep well.

*turn off light*

45 mins later...



  1. Goodness me but the coming up the Irwell on a bike has had me in fits and tucks...............I love a good Lancy turn of phrase (as you well know)
    Hecky thump lass I hope Ma sleeps reasonably well tonight (we can but hope..........)
    E xxx

  2. Wow, the hallucinations sound really long have they been going on for now?

    Hope that your Mum gets sleep tonight, hence you get some (much needed, by the sounds of it) rest. :)


  3. Oh my days Bee, she certainly keeps you on your toes. Hope you have a reasonable night. Love and Hugs as always. Gill xx

  4. permission to shout Arrrggghhh as loudly as you like Bee x