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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Eh well

So much for mood improvement.

She was not happy about going to the day centre this morning, admittedly not as bad as she has been in the past but there was some sobbing into hands etc. I was getting a bit anxious as 10:15 came and went without any sign of the bus and was beginning to think that she'd been dropped from the list on account of the switch to a different centre in the near future, but at about 10:25 it arrived. Lee apologised and on seeing Ma's mood said cheerfully that he'd had a morning of it already and that's why he was late. It must be near to the full moon then.

I didnt do much all day - a bit of shopping, a bit of cleaning, a bit of ironing, a bit of snoozing, pickled some eggs... that sort of thing.

When she got back this evening she said she would not be going again. When I said that she probably (ahem) would be going next week refused to eat any of her tea, sat with her arms crossed and her eyes closed for about 20 minutes and then went to bed just after 5.30. I helped her into her pyjamas but she refused to clean her teeth or say goodnight.

This could now go one of two ways - she will sleep through because she is tired and clearly upset, or she'll be up a lot because she is tired and clearly upset. I'm hoping the new meds will keep her in bed but there's no guarantee. This morning she wanted to know where everyone was - everyone being all the people who had been sitting on her bed during the night having a chat. Either she was dreaming or hallucinating or the house is far more haunted than I realised. Then as we were watching Daybreak declared that the 'girl over there' would be going with her to the day centre.

I'm sure Theresa May had more pressing engagements this morning.


My friend Jon who blogs at about caring for his mum who has dementia has been interviewed for his local paper:

He is working so hard to raise awareness for carers and dementia and deserves more followers on his blog. Please go along and have a read :)

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