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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Yesterday and today

Thankfully Ma was still in bed when I took her some tea yesterday morning. She was crying mind you, but that's par for the course. I dispensed tea and tablets matter-of-factly and left her to herself for half an hour or so. She cried all the way through her shower and getting dressed then went and sat in the living room. By the time I appeared with her porridge she was bright and smiley and enjoyed every scrap.

We went off for a cuppa with M&V mid-morning and by dint of each of us telling her at various times to sit down and relax, we managed to stay there for just over an hour. I was very glad of the chance to have a normal conversation for a change and although Ma can't settle she does love to see them.

Barry came in the afternoon and we discussed Ma's impending change of day centre. I am now confident that things will move on apace and as soon as a space is available she should be in. He has also done an assessment for respite care at New Year to cover the shortfall due to Peter's holiday starting in the middle of mine. Naturally halfway through Barry's visit Ma took herself off to bed.

Soup and bread and butter for tea and in bed for half six. Not a bad day all round really.


This morning she wasn't crying but was very grumpy. She seems to have a sore wrist but I can't see any swelling or bruising. She's been angling to go and see the doctor for the last few days so maybe it has something to do with that. When I ask her why she wants to go she just says that she thinks 'she ought to' because she hasn't seen him. I'm not sure if that is considered a good enough reason to make an appointment...!

Her grumpiness meant that I avoided any mention of the day centre until the bus had actually arrived. In the 90 seconds it took to get her coat on and hand her over she did manage to object a little but Lee is quite adept at this sort of thing and she was off before she knew it.

I'm just waiting for the bus to arrive.


Well there you go. The day centre is 'absolutely lovely' and she 'really enjoys it'. Apparently the only fly in the ointment is Lee, the bus driver. He is horrible because he stops the bus and tells her off everytime she takes her seatbelt off to go and talk to the other people on the bus.

Funny that.

She's absolutely shattered and is now in bed. Getting her there before she fell asleep was a bit of a challenge as she tried to lie down on every sofa, surface and step between the living room and her bedroom. Pyjamas were impossible so she's in her thermals. Night time pills ended up all over the floor but have been retrieved and taken. I hope she sleeps through until the morning.

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