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Friday, 11 November 2011

Frisky Friday

I got home at 10:45 last night after a really fabulous evening with the carer's posse - chilli, tiramisu, cheese, birthday cake, wine and a lot of huge laughs... thanks girls!

Betty was fine when I got back and hadn't seen sight nor sound of Ma all night. I whispered good night to her and listened for her front door closing then locked ours. At that point Ma appeared in the hall and from then on in was up and down all night.

Once again this morning we had a very difficult few hours from about half 5 but gradually she came round, had some breakfast and then we went off to Tesco.

The shopping went remarkably well, Ma was happily looking at things and chose some smoked haddock for her tea and we bumped into several people we know so that pleased her. There was a slight hiatus at 11am when everyone but Ma stopped talking and I had to quietly explain why we were being silent. Then I had to hang onto her arm to stop her continuing out of the store. Then of course at about a minute and 40 seconds she complained quite loudly that it was taking forever. I now think Mandi's idea of a huge sash indicating that I'm caring for someone with dementia is a great idea... (that or a large klaxon on her head which declares 'Warning! Dementia!')

When we got back Ma was very tired and said she wanted a rest so I helped her into bed, closed the curtains and by the time I left the room she was already asleep. I went upstairs to my room and had a toot on the internet.

Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang. When I got downstairs Ma was on the doorstep with Ruth from next door. She had gone out through the integral garage door, rolled up the big garage door a couple of feet and got out underneath it. I genuinely did not hear a thing, she was SO quiet. I hadn't realised that the roller door was unlocked but it was my fault that the integral door was because I'd put some shopping in the freezer. Another mistake I won't be making, both now locked. Thank God Ruth was in.

I made her a ham sandwich and we went up to see M & V. She's been agitating to go for a day or so but they've been busy so I hoped this would settle her a little. We'd barely been there 45 minutes (I still had half a mug of tea to finish) when she was up and putting her coat on wanting to go home.

She is now in bed after requesting smoked haddock, a poached egg, bread and butter for her tea. Of which she ate the poached egg only, naturally.

I know she will be up in the night so I've told her she's not having her meds until later in the hopes that the sleeping tablet might help but I don't hold out much hope as it doesn't appear to do much. The phone is unplugged and my fingers are crossed!

She is really quite agitated all the time just at the moment and I can only think that it is the new medication. I'll leave it another week but if there's no improvement I will phone the clinic. If anyone can give me any corroboration on this, I'd be grateful.

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