My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Halfway through the week

We were up at 7 this morning. Ma needed a shower first off again then we had tea and she had porridge. The first half of the day was quiet and tear free - just Ma chatting to various imaginary people - and I got quite a few chores done but predictibly after lunch the atmosphere changed.

It started with Ma putting her coat on and trying the front door every couple of minutes then moving all the cushions off the sofas and putting them in odd places (behind the curtains, on the stairs, on top of the standard lamp...). She spent a while bundling up towels and her duvet in the bedroom before going back to trying the front door. Although we didn't really need much more than some milk I decided we needed to go out for a bit so we went and did a bit of shopping. I know we do a lot of 'going to Tesco' but trips to the park or going for walks haven't been successful, she's very unsteady on her feet and often ends up in a temper, it's better if we go to Tesco so that I can end up in a temper instead.

Since we got back the cushions have been a feature again such as waiting to give a cushion to Zoe Ball on It Takes Two about five minutes ago:

She got fed up and cross in the end because no one was listening to her.


I'm holding out for a 7pm bedtime and it is looking like we will actually make it!

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  1. The door thing sounds very familiar, my FIL who suffered with dementia had a thing about doors, and also making bundles.....I suppose it makes some sense to them. As and hugs xx