My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Wake up Sleepyhead!

So last night we did double dibs on the sleeping tablets and tucked her up in bed. I was so tired I couldn't even stay awake for Frozen Planet so we were both in bed early.

Not a peep from Ma until two minutes past seven when I heard her bedroom door open and she went to the loo. I did the usual with the meds and tea and took mine upstairs to ring the children and wake up properly. When I came back down she was asleep again so I left her to it, had a shower, dried my hair and then woke her up at half eight - I was worried we'd run out of time before the bus arrived!

After her shower and breakfast she started to slide into a morose and weepy mood saying that she wanted to die and that she never saw anyone or went anywhere... Well she did sort of hand it to me on a plate, so I said brightly that the bus was due to arrive and time to get her coat on.

Just as her coat was fastened the bus arrived with a different driver so there wasn't the usual 'Oh God it's HIM!'

I'm not sure what poor Lee has done but as is often the case with dementia sufferers, they never forget the most bizarre things and cannot remember the oft repeated everyday and mundane. So off she went without a backward glance, dinner money in her pocket.

I ran away and played with some shops.

I tried to ring the day centre many times during the day but there was no reply. This, it turned out, is because the number given in the carer's handbook is for a group who meet at the centre so I'd been ringing a private number all day. Once I'd found the right number via Google I told the lady on the other end of the phone that Ma's dinner money was in her coat pocket...

Oh we asked her if she had any money and she said no.

Well... umm... she would say that. She has dementia and wouldn't remember.

Oh has she?



  1. "Oh Has She?"??? That was my first out loud laugh of the day, Thank You :o)

  2. Me too! The 'ran away and played with some shops' also had me laughing. Nice one, Bee. :) xx