My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2010. This is a blog about coming to terms with her absent mind.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A new week starts

Yesterday was a bit of a trial.

It started at 03:15 and pretty much went downhill from there. We were in Morrisons when they opened to pick up supplies then back home where I promptly started a migraine and spent the rest of the day was spent trying (and failing) to have some time in a horizontal position in a quiet, darkened room without interruptions.

Last night was a lottery win with a full night of sleep. Ma was up just after 6 and in a very fluffy mood - doing silly dances and putting her pants on her head. We were in town for half 9 so that I could put some cash in the bank and when we got back she rang Mavis who said come round after lunch. This was the start of the mood slide because she asked me every five minutes from then on if we were going (this was 10:30)  and culminated in a full blown meltdown when she thought I was talking about her on the phone when in fact Betty rang to ask me if I'd collect her pension for her. No amount of reassurance that I wasn't talking about her made any difference nor did trying to explain that 'after lunch' actually meant, well, after having some lunch. And no matter how much she wanted to go at that moment, Mavis would be out until after lunch.

So she sat on the stairs in her coat for several hours, keening for my dad etc. and refusing to eat a thing until I said it was time to go. I dropped her off, picked up Betty's pension and was back home within ten minutes. Mavis rang to say she was ready to go home 10 minutes after that. She was waiting at the door when I got there and since we got home she's been dozing on the sofa. I hope she eats something for tea.


Hairdressers tomorrow which is good. Hopefully they'll be able to remove the black streaks she's put in her hair - not sure if it's marker pen or mascara.

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